(pours glass of some sort of red wine)… Hi and welcome to branded expedition! I’m Shannon and I created this space…   hell no.

Hello friends I’m Shannon and welcome to brandeexpedition.   yuck.

Welcome, I’m Shannon and this is my site! the worst.



I’ll forever be working on an intro, but for now, here’s what I got: Hey, I’m Shannon and this is branded expedition, a true work in progress.

I’m going to be up front with you: I’m not here to show you the top traveling hacks, or to offer you some well-written handy travel guide (there will be guides, but not your typical how-to’s or must-visits), or what the best cafes are in Paris, because I don’t know and I’m not about that. If you’re looking for those types of tips and tricks, sorry, you won’t find them here.

Instead, this space is to encourage you to create your own travel journey and to leave the tried and true travel guide at home. What you’ll find here is raw, unedited, and real content on how to make the best of your own journey. I hope that my experiences (the untried, but most certainly the true) will inspire and motivate you to drop the travel guide, quit reading up on the how to’s of travel, and to make your experiences your own. Make the journey your own.