Experience Seattle 》The Tasting Room

It was about 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon when I powered down my work laptop and decided to head to Pike Place to grab a bottle of wine to take home so I can relax and unwind with Capp. I had every single intention of stopping into a small wine shop, grabbing a bottle of something red, and walking back home to Queen Anne. This 100% did not happen, and I’m glad it didn’t happen.

Down a little alleyway, or more commonly known as Post Alley located at Pike Place Market, is an exciting space called The Tasting Room. Walking down the alleyway, I really wasn’t sure what I was in for, but once I walked across the threshold and into the wine bar, I immediately felt invited and welcomed into the Room.

To the left, I saw a full wall stacked with so many options of wines with tips, notes, and insights to the wines. Scattered about the room are wooden tables and small bistro tables for those looking to have a glass or two or sample a flight. The Room also boasts a generous bar with numerous accompanying barstools.


I made my way over to the bar and bellied up ready to order myself a glass of wine while I looked over the extensive menu of wines. I was greeted by friendly staff who were extremely knowledgeable about the wines at hand. I quickly came to learn that there was more to The Tasting Room than just bottles of wine to buy or glasses of wine to purchase. What I really liked about this place is that all of the wines in here are from wineries in Washington. As someone who loves trying new wines, or just wine in general, I was super excited to discover this little fact. I’ve always been a stickler for California wines when it comes to ordering or buying, but I’ve been open to trying more wines from the PNW and this was just the ticket.

Since it was happy hour, there were a number of glasses available at a discounted price, along with numerous flights to try, as well. The staff suggested that since I was looking to buy a bottle or two, I should do a tasting of a few wines before I committed to a bottle. A grand idea that was because I ended up ordering two separate tastings.

The first I tried was the Once in a Bleu Moon Tasting. It came with three wine tastes: a Treveri Sparkling Gewurztraminwe, which was a sweet and sparkling wine (think a sweet sparking resiling), the second was the Nota Bene Grenache Rose, which was nice, dry, and crisp. Finally, I tasted the Camaraderie Quadra, which was a blend. It was bold, a medium red with a delicious taste. This flight also came with two huge portions of blue cheese, which was ahhmazing. The cheese was creamy, strong, and just so rich in flavor. I also got a few mixed almonds and flatbread crackers so top my cheese with. img_8097

The second flight was my favorite, minus the cheese. This was the Single and Loving It. It came with four sips, which included the Wilridge Estate Sangiovese, the Naches Heights Vineyard Malbec, a Bene Nota Cabernet Franc, and a Lost River Walla Walla Syrah. They each had their own unique flavors and accompanying notes, but the Lost River was definitely one of my favorites.

It was about time that I made my purchases and head home, but my purchases also ended up including joining the wine club, which is super legit. There are all kinds of discounts associated with the membership including:

  • Convenient semi-annual wine deliveries to your door
  • 20% discount on all bottle purchases
  • 10% discount on glass purchases in the shop
  • Pre-release offerings of new wines
  • Library & limited production wines
  • Invitations to “Members Only” private parties andevents

I’m super stoked to try some more wines of Washington and to make my way back to the Tasting Room for another adventure. I’d love to know what your favorite wines are and if any of you are a part of a wine club. If you are, tell me why you’re a member!


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