Experience Seattle 》Ballard

Nestled in the northwest nook of Seattle lies Ballard. Words that come to mind when describing this hood would be: trendy, hip/hipster, indie, nautical, nordic, and even historic. Ballard is full of so many delights, from craft breweries, to adorable boutique shops, to trendy cocktail bars and delish restaurants, there is truly something for everyone here.

img_8181One of our first weekends here, Capp and I grabbed an Uber and made our way to one of Ballard’s trending breweries: Stoup Brewing. This was our first experience outside of Lower Queen Anne, so we were both a little unsure as to where we were going, what we were doing, or where the day would take us. So, naturally, we both began the day with a beer flight. I don’t know a lot about beer, and I’m not going to pretend that I do, but I do know that our samples were good. Mine were mostly light in color, wheat beers, sours, and farmhouse ales. Capp knows what he’s doing so he got a solid variety of beers and we each enjoyed. The space has a tiny downstairs, but has a larger upstairs with much more seating. There was a sign at the time that said “no one under 21” but it looked like that varied since the sign seemed worn. Stoup was pretty crowded to say the least, but it was 2pm on a Saturday so why wouldn’t this place be packed to the brim with fellow Seattleites?

img_8182After some brews, we walked to Ballard Pizza Company, and the zah truly was unreal. We had a caesar salad each and ended up splitting one of the house pizzas that was decorated with shrooms, some type of sausage, and a fab goat cheese.

After we filled up on some pizza, we did some shopping up and down Ballard Avenue. There were so many adorable stores that ranged from boutique clothing, to a few name brand stores like Patagonia, to curiosity shops, art galleries, and even a couch store.

We rounded out our day with a few cocktails at Percy’s & Co. Think of this place like a hipster bar with an assorted craft cocktail menu and extensive food menu with all things truffle, sprouts, and whatever else it is that’s hipster. The drinks here are so ~crafty~ that one of the bartenders asked what I liked to drink and immediately whipped me up something off menu, and holy shit was it so good, so that was fun.

After posting up at the bar for a bit, we met some fellow crafty cocktail sippers who suggested we grab a nightcap at King’s Hardware. This place ended up being a super fun, yet divey spot that had skeeball, which I did not realize until we left! I’m a little upset that we didn’t throw down, but that’s a legit reason to come back, right?

img_8180What went from daytime exploring quickly turned into a boozy evening, where once again, the only people that we met were bartenders and fellow boozers – similar interests. Ballard has so many nooks and crannies to explore, such as a Nordic and historical aspect, so I’m looking forward to heading back and diving into some more cultural experiences.

Has anyone else visited Ballard or started to become obsessed with a particular local neighborhood in their city? I’d love to know!


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