Day Trip // Bainbridge Island

Capp and I have been in Seattle for almost two months now and we have done some city exploring, that’s for sure, but recently, we took a day trip to Bainbridge Island and it was just the cutest!dsc_0843

For those who don’t know, like me, Bainbridge Island is a small island in the Puget Sound. It’s home to some 23,000 folks within the 28 square miles that the island has to offer. From tiny boutique shops, to a variety of hiking trails, to local wineries, the island is littered with culture and natural beauty, which is why we made a point to make a day trip here.


The island is about a 35 minute ferry ride from the Seattle Pier, and leaves about every 30/40-ish minutes on Saturdays. You can walk on, bike on, or reserve a space for your car and drive on. Since this was our first time and I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t want to hassle with our car, so we hoofed it.

I was worried about missing the ferry and then being stuck waiting a while for the next one, but once I realized they come quite often, there was no sweat. The ticketing area has a few little shops, a bar, and a mini mart so there are some ways to kill time if you do, in fact, miss your boat.

We scanned our tickets (me, incorrectly multiple times, of course), but we boarded the massive ferry and made our way to the top deck. Guys, the ferry is massive, I swear. Granted, this is my first time living by some sort of ocean so I was so shocked to see how big a ferry was, but legit it can hold 200 cars.

Once on board, we made our way to the top deck because Seattle was so clear and sunny and I was not about to miss out on some epic views of the Waterfront. This lasted a solid 7 minutes and once the ferry was underway, we quickly made our way back inside because it was so chilly out. No wildlife sightings on this trip, but that could have been for a number of reasons (especially the time of year).


The ferry is loaded with places to sit, places to read, and a few places to grab a snack or a beer. We walked around, stocked up on some maps, and watched Seattle’s Great Wheel disappear against the horizon, as the shores of Bainbridge quickly came into view.

Once the ferry docked, we walked off the dock, our of the terminal and followed a small herd of people to the direction of shops and restaurants. We quickly realized that there was a nice long strip of the boutique shops and wineries and I knew we were going to be content spending the day meandering around here.

Cue starvation. We waited to grab some lunch because we wanted to eat on the island, and after yelping a few spots, we immediately settled on Pizzeria Bruciato, and what a delish decision. The gourmet pizzas were so good and the perfect size. Capp loved how you cut the pizza with scissors to create your own portions. It was fun.

We then took to stroll the streets and made our way up and down Winslow Way. After spending some time shopping, it was time to taste some local wines, naturally. We were hoping to make three stops, but ended up only stopping at two because we didn’t realize that a number of shops close up around 5 or 6 (but that’s a great excuse to come back!) We tasted a flight at Eleven Winery, which was so good, but the space inside was super cramped, so we ventured down the street to the Island Tasting Room Gallery Cafe. I really enjoyed our stop here, there were couples chatting away at their tables, a group of girlfriends catching up, and the wine maker/winery Amelia Wynn was there promoting some of her vinos.


It was about 7pm when we wrapped up our last tastes and began to make our way back to the ferry. We made the short trek back to the docks and into the terminal. We searched for a ticket counter, or a place to buy our tickets, but we overheard some locals telling other tourists that you don’t need to pay for your journey back to Seattle, the one-way fee actually gets you a round trip, so that was a nice little surprise and good to know.

We made our way on to the ferry and ended up back to the Waterfront in 35 minutes, a little exhausted from exploring, but ready for a nightcap to end our day of exploring. We ended up at Damn The Weather and had a few cocktails and recounted the day, which really is one of my favorite activities.

I loved our little outing to Bainbridge Island, and I think next time, we’ll take our car so we can explore more of what the island has to offer. Lessons learned though: get up and get moving (we should have skipped the gym or started our day earlier); bring a phone charger next time (we were both at a cool 8% by 3PM after googling and mapping places); take the car (we would have had so many more places to see if we brought our car).

Until next time, Bainbridge! Has anyone else explored local islands or seaside towns for the day? I’d love to know!


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